ClipBird is a free add-on that extends the abilities of your system's regular clipboard and seamlessly keeps all your devices in sync.

Once installed, ClipBird keeps a running list of the last ten pieces of text that you have copied to your clipboard and makes them available via a right-click menu on a small icon in the corner of your screen. If you ever accidentally overwrite some text that you were holding on to by copying something else, you can recover the old text from there quickly and painlessly.

If you use multiple computers throughout the day, the clipboard history contained in that right-click menu will be the same on every computer you use. That means you can copy a link on one computer, then paste it on another computer without ever worrying about how to transfer anything. It's just there.

If you use an Android phone, you can even access that same clipboard history on the go. There's no need to click on a button to send text or links to your phone, it'll just be there in case you decide that you need it. No hassle, nothing to remember, just a convenient way to keep all your devices in sync so that you don't have to worry about it.

ClipBird also offers a few advanced features intended to help power users get more out of their clipboards. Press a quick keyboard shortcut from anywhere to instantly take a screenshot and crop it. If you need a way to share that image with somebody else online, ClipBird offers a one-click way to upload it to a sharable URL which is automatically copied to your clipboard and ready to share within seconds.

To get started with ClipBird, click the download button at the bottom of this section and run the installer. After the installer is finished, run ClipBird from your Start Menu and log in with your username and password. If you don't have a free ClipBird account yet, you will be able to create one from the app's login screen.

Once you're logged in, just continue working on your computer as normal. As you copy text to your clipboard, ClipBird will automatically and invisibly upload it to your password-protected account on the ClipBird server. All text is sent to the server using SSL Encryption, the same industry standard secure connection used by online stores to transfer your credit card information, so you can be sure that your data is safe.

If you want to copy some text back to your local clipboard, either something that you copied locally earlier in the day or something that you copied on another computer, just right click on the ClipBird icon next to your system clock and then click on the text you want. It's now copied to your local clipboard and ready to paste wherever you'd like, just paste it the same way you normally paste.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Win+V instead of Ctrl+V when pasting into other programs to automatically sync the top item in your ClipBird history before pasting.
  • To temporarily disable ClipBird's auto-upload feature, double click on its tray icon.
  • If you supply your Google login info in the app's settings, ClipBird will offer to upload images that have been copied to your clipboard for easy sharing.
  • To easily copy a picture to your clipboard, hit Win+S and draw a box over the picture.
  • Hold Ctrl while clicking on a web link in your Last Ten list to open it in your browser.
  • If Windows hides your ClipBird tray icon, you can show it by right-clicking on the taskbar clock and choosing "Customize Notifications". In this screen, locate ClipBird and change its Behavior to "Show".
  • Some folks are having trouble with the installer. Until all the kinks get worked out, you can alternatively download a zipped version here and extract it to a folder called "c:\clipbird" on your PC.

ClipBird for Android is a free app that gives you access to your "last-ten" clipboard history from your phone. There is no need to explicitly send text to your phone, since the Android version syncs up to the web server exactly the same way as the PC version. Your clipboard items will just be there if you want them.

When you load up the app, you will see a list of the last 10 items that have been copied to your clipboard, just like you would see them in the right click menu on the computer. If you want to copy one of them to your phone's clipboard, just click on the Copy button on the right hand side of each row. If the text that was copied happens to be a URL link, phone number, email address, or street address, ClipBird will display them as clickable links that will automatically launch the appropriate app on your phone.

You can configure the app to monitor your clipboard in the background just like the Windows version and it will automatically add everything you copy to your Last Ten list. Or if you need to save battery life, you can turn the background monitor off and sync up the phone side manually when you need it.

ClipBird Pro ($1.99, coming soon) is an advanced version of the Android app that gives you advanced syncing and automation options on your phone. Upgrading to the Pro version will give you features like a quick-paste shortcut that will sync the top item in your list before pasting no matter what app you're in, a "Push Copy" feature that uses Android 2.2's push notification system to automatically copy text to the phone's clipboard, image uploading to sharable URLs, and special notification links for URLs, phone numbers, and street addresses.

With all the Pro version's features enabled, you'll be able to keep your phone and computer in sync without ever seeing the actual app. ClipBird will work invisibly in the background to keep you synced up as if it was a built-in feature of Android.

Tips and Tricks

  • Access the "Share" menu in your web browser or RSS Reader apps and choose "Copy to ClipBird" to pull up that same page on your PC.
  • ClipBird for Android will automatically preserve the text in your phone's clipboard between reboots.
  • Enable "Automatically add clips when copied" in the app's settings to be able to copy text on your phone and then paste it on your computer without ever loading the ClipBird app.
  • When you upload an image using ClipBird for Windows, the sharable URL that gets copied back is made available on your phone at the same instant it's available on your computer, so you could send that link in a text message, too.
  • (Pro only) Access the quick paste feature by enabling it in your phone's "Language and Keyboard" settings menu, then Long Press on a textbox in any app and choose "Input Method" then "Paste from ClipBird"
  • (Pro only) If your phone has Android 2.2 or later, you can register your phone with the ClipBird server to have new clipboard entries pushed down and automatically placed in your phone's clipboard.